Devilian evoker
A mage with unmatched mastery over the elements, the Evoker strikes fear into entire armies. What she lacks in durability, she makes up for with a terrifying array of area attacks and debuffs that stop foes from ever reaching her. 

Abilities Edit

Basic Skills

Icon Skill Description Range Cast  Cost
Lightning sphere icon Lightning Sphere Fires lightning orbs at enemies. Third consecutive strike generates additional Mana 11m Instant +10 Mana
Fireball icon Fireball Shoots fireball, damaging up to 5 enemies 11m


Frost field icon Frost Field Creates and icy mist. Freezes up to 9 targets for 2 sec.  10 sec CD 14m Instant 0
Chain lightning icon Chain Lightning Continuous damage over cast duration. Canceled by moving or casting a skill 0.5 sec after initial cast. Generates 5 Mana per enemy hit.  Rays of lightning attack target, then branch away, damaging nearby enemies.  20 sec CD 5 sec +5

Advanced Skill Types

Control - Limits the enemies movement and deals great damage to them
Icon Skill Description Range Cast Cost
Lightning blast icon Lightning Blast Summons a lightning bolt to the selected location, damaging nearby enemies . Up to 6 targets.  14m Instant 20
Icicle storm icon Icicle Storm Drops ice shards onto selected location. Slows movement -50% for 2 sec. Up to 8 enemies.  14m Instant 0
Meteor Strike
Black Hole
Mana Shield
Icon Skill Description Range Cast Cost
Lightning Spread
Bouncing Lightning
Flame Spear
Icicle Lance
Elemental Savant
Icon Skill Description Range Cast Cost
Flame Shuriken
Flame Field
Recovery Field