Attack on Pale Moon Sanctuary
Vital statistics
Start Tempus
End Elara
Prerequisites Unknown
Level 1
Location Pale Moon Sanctuary
Rewards Lv. 5 Supply Crate
Quest progression
Previous Next
To Adeline Coast


Objectives Edit

  • Refresher:
    • Defeat Malek's Rakes [0/5]
  • Breaking Through:
    • Defeat Malek's Grunts [0/4]
  • Malek's Loyal Servant:
    • Defeat Jarken
  • Guardian Gargoyles:
    • Defeat [Cathedral Gargoyle] Hughspo
  • Reaching the Inner Sanctum:
    • Defeat Malek's Shamans [0/2]
    • Defeat Woltmo
  • The True Master of Dark Magic:
    • Defeat Malek in the Inner Sanctum

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Rewards Edit

  • 32 Silver, 300 Experience
  • Lv. 5 Supply Crate

Notes Edit

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